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Will Drinking Green Tea Help Your Arthritis?

green tea anti inflammatory

Green tea as a natural arthritis remedy?


Is there anything green tea doesn’t help?

Seriously – I’ve written about green tea many times over the years, but mostly related to its ability to help with weight loss, blood sugar moderation and various cardiovascular markers.

Today marks the first time that I’ve written about its use as a natural anti-inflammatory and arthritis cure, despite the fact that studies indicate that flavonoids like those found in green tea can help mitigate all sorts of inflammatory responses.

I’m shaking my head here.


What does the Science Say about Green Tea’s Ability to Reduce Inflammation?

That’s a good question.


Studies like this one indicate that the main active constituent of green tea, something called epigallocatechin-3-gallate or EGCG, appears to inhibit the pesky COX II enzyme that’s responsible for pain and inflammation, as well as a number of other pesky chemicals involved with pain.

Another study confirms the evidence suggesting green tea might play a role in reducing the effects of arthritis in humans, while animal studes demonstrate a cartilage-preserving effect.

While the intial study data is promising yet preliminary, it has many researchers exited about its potential as a treatment for rheumatoid arthritis.

Incidentally, the COX II enzyme is the same one that prescription drugs like Celebrex act upon!

Cool, huh?

Dosage: How Much Green Tea?

Research into green tea as a natural remedy for arthritis and joint pain is in its early stages, and as a result, I was unable to come up with any solid recommendations for dosage.

And, because it’s a green tea constituent (the polyphenol EGCG or epigallocatechin-3-gallate) that appears to the main driver of the anti-inflammatory response, it may be that supplementing with a green tea extract (standardized for EGCG) is your best choice to obtain its benefits, and not drinking green tea itself.

At this stage in the game, it’s hard to know.

So I can’t make a recommendation.

Personal Experience with Green Tea

I drink green tea regularly for its cardiovascular benefits, but until I did the research for this series of articles on natural arthritis supplements that work, I was largely unaware of the potential its anti-inflammatory effects.

As a result, I haven’t ever consumed the stuff without taking my precription medicine or joint pain supplements at the same time.

So I really can’t comment on my own experiences with the supplement in this regard.

It just wouldn’t be fair.

Sometime in the future, I would love to try a little experiment. I’d stop taking my supplements and prescription drugs, and ramp up my consumption of green tea or take a properly standardized extract, and see if I notice anything.

However, until I have some idea of effective dosage, there’s really no point in even bothering.

Customer Reviews, Feedback and Testimonials

customer reviews

While the majority of people who drink a high quality green tea love the stuff and the benefits it delivers, I have yet to read any comments in regards to its ability to relieve arthritis pain.

That does not that there aren’t any; I just have not stumbled across any.

This suggest to me that one of two things may be happening…

  1. If there are any anti-inflammatory effects, they’re subtle enough to avoid detection.
  2. Regular consumption of green tea on its own is not enough to deliver a high enough dose of essential polyphenols like EGCG to deliver significant results. A specialized supplement may be needed.

If you use green tea and have noticed its anti-inflammatory effects, please, please, please…

Share your experiences in the comments field below. We’d love to hear from you!

Recommendation: Should You Drink Green Tea?

Whether further studies confirm green tea’s ability to treat rheumatoid arthritis and inflammation or not, it’s near impossible to go wrong adding a high quality green tea into your diet.

It offers so many benefits that even if it turns out it does nothing for arthritis pain, it is still worthwhile consuming.

At the same time, I’d be hesitent to recommend using it soley to treat arthritis and joint pain, until its effects have been confirmed in further studies and a standardized dosage can be recommended.

Tip: If you’re going to drink green tea. Drink the good stuff. And by the good stuff, I don’t mean the grocery store stuff. I mean loose green tea sourced directly from the best sources in China.

I recommend Julian Tai and Amazing Green Tea. He’s awesome and his tea is great. Check him out here!

So… Your Turn.

whisperingHere’s where you get to share your experiences.

Tell your story.

Have you ever noticed a reduction in your arthritis symptoms when you drink green tea?

If so, I’d love to hear about it.

Actually, “we’d” love to hear about it.

That’s my readers and I. 🙂

So yeah.

Scroll down and leave your story in the comments below!

Much appreciated!

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